Friday, August 19, 2011

Summer Sewing

Since summer is almost technically over - school starting, I thought I would show some of the summer sewing I did.  Charlotte was not too excited about modeling.

 Top and bottoms are Oliver and S patterns.  The bottoms are my all time favorite shorts.  They just released 3 new fall patterns.

 Since I didn't have enough buttons that matched, I dug through my stash and found 3 colors that went well with the fabric.  I really liked how they turned out.  I might have to try reversing the top one of these days.
 Another Lil Blue Boo recycle dress.  This is a combo of one of my shirts and one of Jason's.
 Oliver and S shorts again.  These are from the sleeves of the same shirt I used to make the Welcome Home Skirt.  There are not features from the shirt saved, just used the fabric.  They really looked too plain and I didn't have any ribbon on hand.  So, I embroidered some little bows and stitches to add some visual appeal.

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