Thursday, January 7, 2010

Coolest Play Make-Up Ever - Tutorial

Every little girl loves to pretend to put on make-up.  I remember my little sisters having the coolest little purse and make-up set.  It was Playskool, and the coolest part was the lipstick actually rolled up and down.  I was middle school aged and I thought it was cool. 
I spent the months leading up to Christmas trying to hunt down a similar make-up set.  However, nobody had one.  Either it was Dora, or fabric, or gianormous.  So I decided to make one.
I should have taken pictures of the process, but it was less than a week until Christmas and I was not thinking blog.
1.  I took an old lipstick of mine and pulled out the remaining lipstick. 
2.  I cleaned it really good. 
3.  Then Jason cut a piece of a dowel .  One end slanted and one end flat. 
4.  He sanded one end so it would narrow a little at the bottom so we could insert it into the tube.  The tube I used had plastic ridges inside to help it hold on to the lipstick.  If we would have used a narrower dowel, it would have looked silly. 
5.  Jason sanded and shaped the slanted end to look like lipstick.  He just used sandpaper.
6.  I painted it a nice hot pink color.  I used acrylic craft paints.
7.  Used a high-gloss clear coat spray to make it shiny.
8.  Used Gorilla Glue to glue the dowel into the tube.  My lipstick tube was metal with a plastic tube inside.  This plastic tube had already popped loose of the glue, so I just glued my dowel into it and then glued it back into the metal tube.  If yours does not come apart easy, just make sure you don't use too much glue and glue it so it wont roll up and down!

Powder and/or Eyeshadow!
I can't take credit for this idea.  My sister was doing the same thing for her daughter and this is what she did.
1.  Use empty make-up containters and clean it.
2.  Find nail polish in the appropriate colors (great way to use up old polish).  For the powder I mixed white and a color.
3.  Pour into empty container and let dry.

Charlotte carries it around in her purse and regularly puts on her lipstick (on her, her doll, on daddy and on mommy)!


Katie said...

too cute! Lu loves lipstick and now I can make one that won't end up all over everything! Thanks for yet another great creative idea!

{Not Quite} Susie said...

GENIUS! Too bad I don't have a little girl, I honestly want to make these so bad!

Randi said...

I also made a set for my daughter. I made my lipstick out of a crayon though.

Anonymous said...

That's so cute. Yous should check out Little Cosmetics. They have pretend makeup that looks and feels just like real makeup, but it doesn't show up on skin.

Anonymous said...

Too cute, when I'm older and if I have any girls I will definitely make them.