Monday, January 18, 2010


Everyone was home and it was a warmer winter day - so what do you do?  Grab the skiis - I wish.  Maybe when they get older.  No - we grabbed the sled and headed over by the VA hospital.  The hill was nice and packed smooth, makes for hard landings. 

Charlotte went on the first run alone (on a smaller hill - no pic).  She is so funny, she loves it.  She would cover her eyes every time she would go.

Jayce is crazy on the hill and would sled for hours.

Grahm is a little nervous, it takes some coaxing before he will go down.  Holding tight to Jason's leg!!

Jason is crazy on the hill.

Me - well they made me go - and I forgot how much fun that can be.

We took a break to build a snowman.

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