Monday, January 11, 2010

Things That Should Be Cleaned More Than Once Every Few Years!!

I have been putting off cleaning my pizza stone because:
A- A few years ago my oven didn't have a self cleaning cycle.
B-If you leave your racks in duirng the cleaning cycle they change two a blueish color.

So today, I decided to clean my pizza stone because it is black (I am including my oven racks because I can't sit the stone on the bottom of my oven).  My oven was still clean from the last cleaning cycle.  So I popped it in, thinking of how warm and toasty my house was going to be...

Cough! .... Cough!.... Choke!....

Toxic fumes filled my house.  My eyes burned and watered, my nose started running.  It felt like what Jason described about the boot camp gas chambers.  Yuck!!  I opened every window in the house, hid the smoke alarms (remind me to find them again).  The house temperature dropped to 64 before it felt like there was clean air to breathe. 

I guess next time I wont wait as long to clean the stone.  By the way - it is no longer black!

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