Monday, January 25, 2010

More Love!

This past Sunday we were admonished once again to express our love for those we love the most.  Read this talk by David A. Bednar.  It is great. 

I don't think you can ever tell your little ones you love them often enough.  My 7 year old tells me several times every day that I don't, so I need to keep at it - until it sticks in there that I really do!!

For Family Home Evening tonight I decided to try an idea I had seen on Super Nanny a few years ago.  She made laminated hearts for the family and then every night at dinner each child was to get a heart that had a message written on it from Mom or Dad.

My only hesitation about the idea is dinner time is hectic and that is one more thing to do - but the 6-10 seconds it will take for me to write something down is truly minimal.  I think that excuse, not having time is terrible - there is always time to say I love you or to give a hug.

I grabbed a heart from my clip art files and stretched it to fill up a sheet of paper.  Then I printed it out on pretty cardstock (I cut our another heart of other paper for the back, so it would be cute).  I stamped WE LOVE YOU... one one side and their name on the other.  I added a few decorations.  Laminated it and will use a dry erase marker. 

Now I can write a quick note expressing my love to each kiddo one more time each day.


KT said...

Very Cute and thoughtful...I keep debating what to do for V-day and this might be a fun tradition to start--of course for everyday not just the one!

Katie said...

So cool! I might steal once again... :)