Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Crying to no Avail

I spent last week crying.  I suddently noticed that her curls are growing out! 
How could this be?  I cried.  Her curls are just so curly, they are not wavy.  I am talking ringlets here! Check out this post from June of 2009 - CURLY!!

I pleaded with the powers that be.   Knowing deep inside that trivial matters like curly hair are just that trivial.  However, I wanted her to keep her curls.  I know that many a toddler has lost their curls, but I wanted to know why.

I love the internet!

Well - nobody knows why some toddlers loose their curls.  Not helpful.  I did notice in my searches that lots of women complain of the same thing - curly to straight or vice versa.  For women this happens with hormonal changes.

Light bulb!

As near as I can tell her hair lost its curl about a year ago.  I stopped breastfeeding!  Her first hormonal change. 

I guess I can only hope that her hair follicle will change again soon or someday and the curls will be back.  Until then...I will enjoy what curl she has left, until it gets too goofy looking and I have to chop them off. 

I still get teary and tell her she better start growing curls!  She smiles and tells me okay.


KT said...

oh how sad! Brody even was sad for you too.. after I convinced him that it really happens (u can lose curls ex. myself)

Katie said...

It is sad... but curls or no curls, Charlotte is one of the most beautiful little girls I have ever seen :)