Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Currently Dreading This...

In case you have not heard - we have an offer on our house!!! little cartwheel 

They want to close Feb 17 - YIKES - but still so far from being over.

As moving day approaches (and faster than I was anticipating), I am currently dreading havig to tell Jason that he has to move my rock collection into a truck, into storage, into a truck, and into more storage. 

I know, I know - ROCKS!!  [7 - 5 Gallon buckets of them]  If I was Jason I would have made me throw them away by now.  I am very glad that he has not for lots of reasons.  The two biggest:
1.  I was able to be a guest Geologist at Jayce's school for a few hours and I had lots of examples.
2.  It reminds me of me and that I do have other passions besides diapers, potty time, time outs, and nap time.


Tim and Sara said...

Ha! I am the same way about my social work textbooks!

Chelsea said...

Cool rocks...and that's GREAT about a house offer! Hooray! (Although we'll be VERY sad to see you go. :(

Katie said...

Congrats on the offer for you! Boo Hoo for me!

John and Karisa said...

NO WAY! You guys sold it!!!! Hip hip hooray-- we are giving a sigh of relief in your honor right now! But you are going to leave a huge hole in the branch. Any chance that you'd just rent a place in the area (instead of moving down to IL) while the kids finish up their school year? Or would you move right away? Wow. Well, we're glad it's all working out! Congrats!