Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Eve

With a few runny noses - New Years turned into a family event!

We made pizza, had a tea party, drank sparkling AppleGrape juice, enjoyed Oreos and nabisco Chips Ahoy, and played the WII!!

In fact after the kids are in bed the WII games get pretty intense. We paused briefly at midnight to exchange a quick kiss and then back to try and kick some Bowser Butt!

I tried to get Jason and the boys to do the Polar Plunge - but somehow they ended up not going.  Even I have done it - Jason says he will do it next year, I am not sure jumping into the Sea of Japan on New Years comes close to counting.

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KT said...

So Atalyn loves her tea set and wants to have a tea party with EVERYONE!! Charlotte really needs to come visit so they can have one together. I also love the lipstick you made, I definatly need to make one for Attie!