Sunday, June 14, 2009

Little Girl Ruffles!!

Here is a darling picture of my Mom playing as a little girl. Isn't she so cute! They had the cutest baby girl clothes back then, didn't they? Look at those ruffles!!!

Okay, they did have the cutes baby girl clothes, but this is Charlotte!!

Here is my latest completed sewing project for Charlotte. I need to find something to sew for the boys, it is just hard to find good boy patterns and things they want.

This one was really fun to make. It took me awhile to finish, but I was experience a severe case of sewing ADD. I started the play suit, switched to the dress, made 2 pajamas and a tutorial, started a tutu, made two pairs of shorts and then came back and finished the dress and play suit. I still need to finish three more pajamas, the tutu and make a skirt and a couple of play dresses.

Since I have been asked and probably others will want to know. The fabric is a set of Urban Chicks for Moda. The pattern is circa 1940's (by the way my Mom was not alive in the 40's).
What is so nice about this outfit is she can stay cool in the backyard and then when it is time to go to town (ha, sound like I am living in rural Idaho - go to town, we live in town) just add the dress and she is ready to go.

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Katie said...

OH my goodness those pictures are gorgeous... I LOVE them- they could be in a magazine!!!! You cannot take gorgeous pictures without a gorgeous little girl. And how gullible am I- I totally thought that was your mom and I was going "Wow does she look like Charlotte!" Yikes! Maybe I need to go to bed :)