Monday, June 29, 2009


Petty Thieves are Idiots!! We walked out the door Sunday morning to go to church at 9:30am and discovered our Navigation/Radio System hanging by the wires. They broke the panel trim, the plastic bracket around the unit, scuffed up the dash, stole our Lion King DVD, my sunglasses holder, and free McDonald's value meal card.
We decided that in our rush to get kids and ice cream into the house we didn't lock the door. Fresh strawberry shakes tend to distract you. You forget one night!!
I am so mad because now we have to fix something that wasn't broken.
Reason 1 that they are idiots - At least if they had succeeded I would be paying for something.
Reason 2 that they are idiots - they should have looked around, they could have made a killing!!
In our car was the following items.
Left by me - my purse was underneath the backseat. Full of credit cards, IDs, checkbook, etc.. (okay so I am an idiot as well)
Left by Jason - all of our birth certificates and social security cards, in a folder in the drivers door. (and so is he)

Yup - we are so thankful that the experience was no worse than it was.

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John and Karisa said...

Jerks! I can't believe it. I know that everything turned out okay and that they didn't get anything irreplaceable, but still.. And you guys have no idea who did it, right? Well, I guess whoever it was must have been desperate. So sorry about the burglary-- that's pretty creepy.