Sunday, June 14, 2009

Things you missed, Part 3

Charlotte thinking the race car driver on the Cheerios box is you, last day of school, root beer floats, soccer practice fiascoes - thank you Lymans, more late night sewing (I have only had the TV on twice in the past four weeks), the bike in our room, more fast ones by Grahm, more pumpkin pancakes (their new favorite), noisy neighbors, bad dreams, three kids in your bed, new clothes, first day in nursery, Chicken Tikka Masala (different, but yummy), Nazi Germany stories (very cool), cool evenings, lots of love and support.

I officially decided last night that I don't mind our noisy neighbors. You might have to remind me of this as early as next Saturday night. I am sure I will be lying awake at midnight seething and wishing the entire US Army to march on them and kindly escort them away.
When it is late at night and the nerves are starting to react to every creak and bump in the night. Suddenly I am not alone, there are noisy people right outside. It is nice to not be alone. I do believe in the good of humanity and that they would respond should I have to scream out in the night because some crazy person has somehow made it up my creaky stairs unnoticed and is at my door. Or maybe my mind is simply diverted from imagining bumps in the night to being angry at the thoughtlessness and total disregard for other people. Either way, they have been a wonderful blessing while you have been away. I am glad they were there to keep me company when I needed it.

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Tim and Sara said...

Ughhh I hate when our neighbors (and the chickadees) are noisy. It makes me say bad words which I justify because I'm half asleep. One time I said, "I'm going to call the police", and Tim responded with, "I'm going to call a sabertooth tiger", which sounded even better at 3 am.