Thursday, June 18, 2009

Things You Missed, part 4

Messy popsicles, messy apple dip, messy dinners, messy lunches, fighting (I hope Jayce settles into being home all day soon), more lawn mowing, aphids, rain, weeds (but they are all back again, so I guess you didn't really miss them), babysitting while I ran to the fabric store, Jayce repeating Dam Dam Dam over and over (I told him that was probably not a good idea, he thought he was just making a noise like bonk, bam, bang, etc..-why is that a bad word? Is it only a bad word because it is usually part of a curse?), tooth brushing fights, amazing - wild thunder storm, 3 kids in the bed, neighbors beating each other, no sleep, Jayce's first musical (he was playing and suddenly I hear him singing - bad guys "We will fight for darkness all over the world" , good guys "We will fight for lightness all over the world" - pretty catchy tune), upset tummy's, potty accidents,

Just a few more hours...
Post Edit: Actually it is now lots of hours. Sometime tomorrow -stinkin weather and airports. Not sure if I should yell or cry.

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Katie said...

You poor thing.... I hope he is home now...:)