Sunday, June 7, 2009

Things You Missed, Part 2

Not having to mow the lawn or weed eat, free babysitting, Grahm hoping that just because you are coming home the "new food" wont stop, Jayce learning to roller skate and even though he didn't want to - ended up loving it, Charlotte and Lucas kissing, Charlotte making fast friends with Greg because she misses you, homemade chocolate chip cookies, Grahm trying to pull a fast one, millions of hugs and kisses, the boys doing dishes so they could make you cards (unloading and loading and cleaning up the BBQ pork they dumped on the floor - I was letting them do it their way - they did a great job), throwing up in the middle of the night, Falafel, Charlotte starting to let me know when she pees, more pudding pops, the usual - dirty diapers, Lego messes, Charlotte's signature Ya, peanut M&Ms, late night sewing, Saturday morning snuggles,

I promise....
That the second we see you we will slather you with hugs and kisses, (especially really long hugs - that say - don't you ever leave me for that long again).
The kids will be super noisy and crazy just for you.
Charlotte will run back and forth in the house, giggling and smiling to get your approval.
The boys will talk over each other at a 100 miles an hour recounting each adventure you missed and asking you to do a million things.
To have a babysitter for the next night, so we can escape and talk to each other (see above).
To cook you anything you want, so no chicken.
That the first time I do your laundry I will appreciate your clothes being in there (the next time, not so much).
To snuggle you until you reach an internal temperature of 104 (I still think that is brain safe) and then I will retreat to my side of the bed.
Not to grab my keys and run out the door yelling - "your turn" or "see you in a few hours".
Not to overwhelm you with 5 weeks of honey do's (I will wait until the next day!!!).

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