Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Over the past couple of weeks I have had so many friends offer to help in so many ways and it has been so comforting to know that if I needed help, it was only a phone call away. I have received e-mails, phone calls, friends who have fed my children while I ran an errand and so many other ways. Thank you everyone.

Today I was royally spoiled rotten.

It started this morning when a dear friend came over with her three little ones. I was able to talk to an adult face to face, wahoo!! The kids played so well and did their best to ignore us. It was a nice relaxing morning - I didn't have a thing to worry about.

Then this afternoon I was ordered out of the house by the another wonderful friend- it was to get my grocery shopping done with out children. I was done in about 40 minutes (and this was with an extra trip back in) instead of the usual 1hour to 1.5 hours it usually takes. I had a few minutes to kill before Jayce would be let out of school so I read a book - no interruptions. Then her husband showed up and mowed the lawn and did the weed eating (I hate trying to start those contraptions). Again, my children were completely entertained by friends and I was able to visit. They also brought us dinner - which was so yummy. Charlotte has not been eating much of anything lately and she ate almost all of it. Jayce at 3 of them.

Then this evening we were visited by members of the Elders Quorum. They made sure the boys were minding and helping out. They shared some scriptures with us and prayed.

My heart is so full! Thank you to everyone who has remembered us in your prayers! They are being answered. We are truly being aided by angels; those seen and unseen. I suddenly thought of that poem footsteps in the sand, the part where the person asks why at times there was only one set. I find it interesting that they didn't even know there were being helped. I don't think I realized I needed until the service had been given.

Like I said my hear is full and I don't want to forget the sweet expression of my Father in Heavens love that I have received today. The Lord is very aware of each of us and lifts us even when we don't know we need it.

Ladies - kiss the man in your life and offer a prayer of thanks for the blessing that he is.

17 more days!!!!

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