Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sticky Belly and Bubbles!!

We recently enjoyed a late morning and lunch with friends. We visited some animals, rode some "cows", and milked them (what is it with boys?). Then we enjoyed popsicles and bubbles.

Yup - he still has that same smile!

It must be a boy thing?!?!

When I know that this is going to be the end result - there is always a moments hesitation before I say "yes" and hand my children a messy popsicle.

Relax. We have wet wipes. That is so sticky. Just look at that cute full, happy belly!

She is so nice, she will share.

Making sure she has every last drip, too bad she can't get to all the drips on her belly.

Kids and Bubbles - such a wonderful combination. It is amazing how long bubbles can entertain us (yup, even me).

These are the moments I hope to remember and hope they remember. Warm days, popsicles, bubbles and mom not caring if you get messy = Summer!!

1 comment:

Katie said...

So cute! Love the buddah belly and the "Jayce" smile. I am going to have to call any smile that looks like that the "Jayce" smile from now on because he loves to use it so often- crack me up!