Thursday, June 11, 2009

Visiting a Farm!!

Grahm and Charlotte just love animals. They can make you feel like a bad parent for not letting them have some animals at the house. Grahm wants a cat, a dog, and a hamster (for in the house). Charlotte would take a dog, a cat, a lamb, a horse, or anything that moves.

Last week a sister in the area invited us to her farm for the morning. We enjoyed the animals and friends. Then sat in the warm sun and had a picnic. Grahm would have stayed all day. I am surprised he didn't ask to move in - I am sure he will next week when we visit another farm.

Taking a picture of two wiggly creatures was tough. I did not get a single one. Maybe I should switch cameras?
Grahm had time to get some "practice" in so he will be ready this summer.

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