Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Anniversary Mr. Geary!

Since you are far away on our special day and I can't send you flowers.

By the way mine our gorgeous, Thank You.

I thought I would write a special Anniversary post for you.

I remember when we first met and I thought you were kinda cute.

I remember after our first date realizing you were The One and thinking you are so dang HOT (still do - it is amazing what a shower to remove all the cow manure and some nice jeans can do).
I remember a week later you and I laying on my parents floor on Christmas Eve, where I fished for your feelings and made you say "I Love You" first (Thank you for obliging).
I remember Valentines Day a few months later when you gave me a couple pairs of jeans because you thought my Gap jeans were too big and too ugly. The jeans you gave me did fit me better.
I remember your super crappy freezing cold apartment, still wish you would have turned on the heat when you knew I was coming.
I remember shopping for a wedding ring together and feeling the excited buzz that I had finally found my someone.
I remember the day you proposed, I had no idea you had purchased a ring. You took me on a horse ride and you gave me my ring in a special box, just like I requested.
I remember planning our wedding and how at every decision you would sacrifice what you wanted to give me what I wanted. I still love the Tux I picked.
I remember going to the temple the evening before we were married and how wonderful it was to be there with family, friends, and you.
I remember our wedding day and how wonderful I felt. I have never felt as pretty as I did that day, all brides should feel pretty. I remember smacking you in the sealing room - when you were being goofy with the train of my dress (I still cringe that I did that - it was just a love pat). I remember not caring about all the details of the day, I just wanted to be with you. I remember you getting grouchy about pictures. I remember you dancing with me. I remember the yummy dessert I picked - so yummy.
I remember our honeymoon and how you did everything to make it special. It was so nice to enjoy Jackson Hole, WY together. I remember shopping and shopping trying to find the perfect souvenir - we never did find it.
I remember all of the flowers you have sent me over the years. I remember hikes in the mountains;). I remember you being there for me whenever I needed it. I remember you sacrificing things for me and our family. I remember you being there for the birth of each of our three children and the love and support you gave me. Having you there makes it easier. I remember all the late nights when you wished I would stop talking and go to sleep and you would lay there and listen because you knew I needed to talk. I remember you making any piece of furniture I asked for because we couldn't afford to buy it. I remember the blessings you have given each of our children and me when ever we needed it.
I remember so much more and look forward to many more memories. Thank you for being a wonderful husband. I love you.
Post edit: Every time I look at this picure it makes me really want a good kiss from you!!

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Jackie said...

Happy Anniversary Gearys! I am always completely inspired when I read your blog! I love the girl outfits you make! Are you moving back? I will call you soon!