Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

{When ever I go looking for a certain picture to show something I want to blog about - I usually find out an area I don't have many photos.
******Note to self - take more pictures of Dad.}
My Dad is truly one of the greatest Dad's there are. He has 6 daughters and a wife who love him. He has 4 son-in-laws, 4-granddaughters, and 3-grandsons.
One of the lessons I remember my Dad teaching me, is to do something even if I am afraid. Now he didn't cure me, but I learned he would never let me get hurt.
One day we were fishing. This was not something we did very often, girls + fishing = complaining. I think we were at a fish farm somewhere in Idaho. I am guessing my parents thought guaranteed fish on the line, might mean less complaining. We had managed to catch a few fish and they were secured on a line that was kept dangling in the water to keep them alive. I was in charge of holding this line. It slipped and sank to the bottom of the little stream or pond. We had been standing I think on a bridge or some kind of wooden structure with a railing. My Dad told me I had to get it. Well of course I could not see any possible way to accomplish this and I started to cry. My Dad told me how I was going to get it and I am sure I started to cry even more, saying that I could not do it. I ended up upside down dangling by one ankle (I think) and lowered until I could secure the line. Of course once this was accomplished and I realized I didn't die, it was not a big deal.
I find myself in this same sort of situation with my boys, where they are sure they are going to die. I make them and as soon as it is over - you can see the look of "Oh, that was not so bad."
Thank you Dad for making me and giving me parenting tips.
Love you.

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