Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Days of School!

I love the first days of school.  Okay, not really, I just like the change in seasons.  It means it is starting to feel like Fall and the Eastern Idaho State Fair is going on.  Oh! Funnel Cakes, Fat slices of homemade bread, Philly Beef Sandwiches, and so much more!

Okay - well back to Okinawa and our First Days of School!  First off, not feeling like fall at all.  I am wondering when to break out the fall decorations (I think I had better finish painting and unpacking first).  I miss having my kiddos with me.  Even though our summer has not been lazy and comfortable, I wish it didn't have to end.

Jayce started third grade this year - wow!  Homework the first day!  Grammar ugh!- I feel bad for him (until his whining starts and then not so much).  He is in the Japanese Partial Immersion class, so he gets some Japanese every day.  He is to ask to use the restroom and other things in Japanese.  Once a month they eat a Japanese lunch, the call it O'Bento.  Check out this blog about O'bento.  He liked school for about 3 days, now it is horrible.  But - this year - I remember how he gets at the beginning - My Mr. Hyde - and I am prepared to patiently wait it out.  Based on the name tag - you might have guessed that these are actually after school pictures.  The movers showed up at 8am and Jason was off running errands, so in the mad rush to make sure he was not late for the first day - we forgot to get pictures (And the Bad Mom of the Year Award goes tooooo.. Me).

Grahm started Kindergarten this year and he was so excited.  His first day was a week after Jayce, so he spent and entire week asking me how many more days until he his first day.  I am so glad that he is excited.  After 2 days - he still likes it!  He is also in the Japanese Partial Immersion program.  Every day they get red, yellow or green depending on how they are behaving - 2 greens!!  He looks so grown up to me!  As usual, the walk back to the car means watery eyes - I don't know if a Mom is ever ready to let go completely - The world is so mean and unforgiving and I hate it when it wins a battle.

He was doing some kind of not opening his eyes thing for these pictures, at least he was smiling!

Hah, got his eyes open!

Reading his name in English and Japanese!
End of the day and he is still smiling!

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Jen said...

Oh, those boys are going to have such an adventure and will always have the coolest thing to tell all the kids about going to school in Japan. How fun for them to see what their names look like in Japanese.