Wednesday, September 1, 2010

We survived!

6 - 2' stakes and lots of rope!
This past Tuesday brought us our first Typhoon.  Our furniture and belongings arrived Monday morning and we were home happily unpacking when we first started to hear about a typhoon.  Well us newbies kind of blew off every ones worries until Monday afternoon - and by then we were not going to go to the grocery store madhouse.  Our neighbor told us we needed to secure our shed and our trampoline and to use more than just a few sandbags to do it.  Jason promptly left to purchase all the needed items from our Japanese home improvement store MakeMans.  By dinner we were secured and inventory of water and peanut butter had been taken and we settled in for our Typhoon.  I was thinking how glad I was that our belonging had arrived. Why?  Because even if we didn't have what we needed on hand in the kitchen - I knew that somewhere in all of those boxes were 72 hour kits and we would be fine!  Love the church for teaching us preparedness - what peace of mind!

Jason was home from work all day Tuesday and Jayce had no school (forget snow days we have typhoon days).  We spent the day unpacking and organizing and mostly waiting for our Typhoon.  Well it did arrive late afternoon and these amazing concrete houses that the military built completely shut the storm out.  We did have some leaking windows and walls (from the windows), but we didn't even hear the storm.  We had to keep checking outside to see if it was really blowing and super stormy out there.  The trampoline and shed stayed put!  We didn't get the worst of it and life returned to normal Wednesday morning.

Wet morning pictures of the secured trampoline!


Mike said...

I am jealous of you guys, I love severe weather and feel left out when someone else gets to be in on it. Glad you all survived and that Jason now has a "Makemans" to hang out at.

Lynn said...

wow how scary to move to a new place and have to deal with a typhoon! glad you guys are okay!

Jen said...

Wow, that must have been quite a stressful adventure for you guys. Glad to hear that you guys survived:) Love the literal store names of the Japanese. Makemans...HA! You do know about So appropriate for you guys.