Monday, September 13, 2010

Fishing on the Open Ocean

I think it is great that I have a husband who supports my blogging.  However, when he can't wait for me to post about some things - don't you think he should blog about it and not me.  So, before another day goes by - Here is a fishing post.

Last week Jason and some friends chartered a boat to go do some fishing.  Most of the Captains would not take anyone out on the ocean the day they were scheduled to go because of a Typhoon that passed by a few days earlier.  The ocean was still very rough.  They did find a Japanese Captain who was willing to take them out.  So off they went.  6 Fishermen all together - 3 fished and 3 hung their heads over the side of the boat for the entire day.

Jason said that he was a little nervous as they headed out to fish.  The waves were very high and the boat would start to stand on end and then slam down.  It took them 3 hours to get out to the fishing area, it stopped none too soon for Jason.  He says any further and he would have joined in the puke fest!

They caught Yellow Fin Tuna and Bonito.  They totalled 21 fish (Jason caught 13 - not that I am bragging).  They could have caught more, but the 3 that could fish started feeling bad for the other 3 and they headed back early. 

The fish with stripes on their belly's are the Bonito

Jason enjoyed himself despite a nice sunburn.  When will he learn to use sunscreen, after they have to remove his ears and half his forehead?  He has peeled nicely!!

That night we had grilled Bonito, it was very yummy and not too fishy.  Since then I have also made Fish Tacos, which are so yummy (I am not what I would consider a seafood lover - and I am discovering that fish cooked right is actually really yummy!!!). 


Katie said...

What a great adventure! Andy will love to see these pictures. We went deep sea fishing when we were in Texas in June and he caught some huge Red snapper- Love the pictures! The Bonita are really pretty fish.

Jen said...

Wow what an experience! And so many fish. Mike will be so envious. I think I would have been part of the hork fest. Ugh! I gotta say I love seafood and would have loved some of that fish. And fish tacos! YUM!

Jen said...

P.S. Mike does the same thing to me if I let my blog lapse for more than a few days and will demand I post ASAP whenever he's been fishing or hunting. It's ironic because he used to make fun of me years ago for putting in so much time into developing my blog.