Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nesting Cont..

I am so fed up with not having everything put away, so today I was a mess.  I debated calling my mom - but who wants to listen to a hormonally induced pity party.  So I sucked it up.  Charlotte was having a hard day too.  So at 9:30am when I couldn't handle her constant crying, I tucked her into her bed with her silky, dolly, bunny and blanket.  She actually will ask to get tucked in sometimes when she is just having a rough day.  She fell asleep about 10am and woke up about 2:15ish.  She also went to bed like a dream - so it can't just be me!!

I finished painting the Living Room and I love it.  I think once I managed to cover up all that awful almond (cream, beige) color that it stopped clashing.  It is one of my favorites - it is called Cloud Nine.  I will have to get pictures , but will have to wait until morning for some natural light and maybe with the dinning room walls done. 

The baby should be here in 2 weeks -so I will see if I can get all the painting done (not her bedroom, because the paint machine is broken again and I want pink and white). Did you hear me say 2 WEEKS - I don't even have her room unpacked and clothes found.  No wipes, no lotion, you name it - I don't know where it is or have it purchased.  Freaking out.

And this is after having worked on it for a day or two, of course in between taking care of kiddos. 


Tim and Sara said...

Oh Micah, I can't believe how close you are! You're amazing, I'm tired just thinking of all that you've accomplished. Hang in there, it will all get done somehow! Wish I were there to help you out with your kiddos!

Katie said...

Deep Breaths! I wish you were still just 10 minutes away-I'd be there in a heart beat to help you. I know you'll get it all done. If ever there was a super mom- it is you! I can't believe baby is due in 2 weeks! You will be in my thoughts and prayers...

Jen said...

So glad you ended up loving your living room. I was going to say the same thing that I'm always shocked at first when I start painting a room but then relieved once it's all put together with furniture, decorations, etc.

Don't stress about getting the nursery done. You have plenty of time. Plus, you won't be putting the baby into the room right away, will you? We had the bassinet in our room for several weeks.

Good luck with the next few weeks. We can't wait to meet your new little girl.

Shalet said...

Seems like just yesterday you were at my house announcing the news! Time flies....sometimes. Best of luck with getting all things done.