Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Trying to get it all done

Well, I am making some head way.  The dining/living room is painted.  The walls in the boys room, Charlotte's room, and my room are painted.  The crazy thing is that the colors all look blue even though only 1 is actually blueish all the rest are greenish.  I still need to paint ceilings, which I am dreading.  I need Jason home to move the ladder and furniture and maybe I could get it done a little quicker.

I have also been spray painting a few things for the babies room.  3 shelves, laundry basket (already done and not in the picture), bassinet stand (built by Jason just to get us by, since I don't have my cedar chest to sit it on), and a rocking chair.

The rocking chair was pulled out of a project box in my Grandpa's basement after he passed away.  I am so glad I have a husband who can build anything.  He figured out the puzzle and made any new pieces that need replaced and it has been waiting for about 5 years for me to finish it.  So, now I just need the right fabric - can't find what I want so I might just do a light pink so it doesn't fight in the babies room.


KT said...

you do know hannah's coming soon so you could just put her to work doing all the painting??

Jen said...

You are definitely lucky to have a man who can do all that and so quickly and easily. I can't wait until we have the space, resources to get Mike building again. One day...sigh...